Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Recover iPod touch screenlock password

Hello again!

A friend of mine has an iPod touch. His younger brother ruined everything because he changed the screenlock password and now he doesn't remember what the code is! If it has happened to you, you'll agree with me: it is very frustrating!

- So.. how are you going to solve this?
Many of you are probably thinking of a system recovery, but that is a regular way to solve the problem.. x)
Actually, there is a much faster way to solve this, and you don't need iTunes neither an internet connection.

- Hurry up! How do you do that?
- Just follow this steps:

1. Connect the iPod touch to a computer;
2. Open the iPod folder;
3. Make sure you are able to see every folder. Even the ones which are hidden;
4. Open the folder "iPod_control";
5. Open "Device";
6. Open the file: "_Unlock" with notepad;
7. There you are! You just found the iPods screenlock password!!

Hope it helped ;D

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