Thursday, October 14, 2010

Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

I have had this message from Windows and it's really, really, really annoying... And after spending a week or more trying to solve this, I came to a solution that I want to share with all of you.

Here's the solution for the ones who might have this problem:
This worked for me in Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit!
You must have all administrator privileges!

1- Open Windows Explorer

2- Go to C:/Windows/System32/DriverStore

You will have a couple of folders and files.
You will have *.dat files and other file named: infcache.1

3- Right click every file (dont touch the folders!) and choose properties.

4- go to security tab

5- click Edit

6- choose your account and check the box: full control (see screenshot)

7- Click ok.

8- Repeat to every file

9- Select all the files (*.dat and infcache.1)

10- Press shift+del

11- Press OK.

12- Now, go to C:Windows/System32/Driver Store/File Repository/

13- Search for folder named usbstor.inf

14- Open it (if you have more than one, choose the most recent)

15- Copy "usbstor.inf" and "usbstor.PNF"

16- Paste those two files to C:/Windows/inf

17- Reboot your pc and voilla! :b

If Windows doesnt install them automatically go to device manager, uninstall all unknown devices and the ones with the yellow exclamation mark, then click in "check to see if there is any hardware changes"

Now, Windows will install all your hardware successfully :b


  1. tried to delete infcache.1 but it shows need permission by the administrator!

  2. oll device drivers software is failed

  3. i had this problem, very annoying; finally got it.
    start computer in safe mode, open device manager, press update driver--> chose from my computer --> winsxs folder.
    if you have set the device to be usb storage and is a media device with this capability, chose the second option ...let me chose manually --and take the other option under usb storage (in my case, was sony mp3, and i chose MTP device, because before was like usb and even after made the instalation of the driver, still the computer didn't saw it. after instal the driver for MTP it worked.

    necessary is to start the comp in safe mode, open device manager....update driver---winsx folder ...and goodluck!

    p.s. it took me hours to make it. i don't know if all those precedent changes like chipset utility helped, it worked only after safe mode procedure...