Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tibia for TI 83/84-Plus Calculators

As I told you yesterday, below are some screens of the game I developed to the TI 83/84 calculators.

This game is really, really good and addicting, I assure you. It has been developed with real Tibia in mind.
If you don't know what Tibia is, go and check it here:

It's a great game and I sure advise you to give it a try! Don't judge the game by it's graphics! It's one of the oldest games for the Web and MMORPG and one of the bests for sure.. Personally (and many others agree with me), I prefer this game to WoW. Tibia is just very good.

I won't upload the game I developed just yet, but here are the pics of what you and your friends will soon be playing in your maths class:

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