Saturday, September 27, 2014

How to connect to FEUP VPN using Ubuntu

Download this script made by CICA to install all the required tools easily. Right-click it and select Extract Here.

Press CTRL+ALT+T to open the Terminal. Navigate to the Downloads folder and then enter the command: source

After entering the command, the script will begin and a couple of windows will appear. Input your email:

Input your SIGARRA password:

Confirm your SIGARRA password:

Press OK to install all services:

Input your Ubuntu account password:

Press OK:

You may close this window:

And that's it, the script should be finished:

In order to connect to FEUP VPN, press the Wi-Fi status bar icon. Under the list of networks, there should be a submenu named VPN Connections and under that VPN-FEUP. Press VPN-FEUP and a connection will be attempted. When a connection is obtained, the following notification will appear:

You can now access FEUP software repository, samba, and even delegate print jobs to FEUP printers:


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  2. FEUP VPN always sucks when it comes to UBUNTU OS, try ironsocket instead.

  3. Thanks.Your trick works fine.

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