Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update Samsung Galaxy S to Gingerbread 2.3.5 - OFFICIAL ROM !


Today I'm gonna tell you how to install the latest Gingerbread (2.3.5) on your SGS. This isn't a custom ROM, it's the OFFICIAL Samsung ROM, so you won't have any problems or bugs with this one, it will work like a charm.

Files you'll need:
1) Odin3

The first thing you should do is a Nandroid Backup. So, go ahead to your recovery menu and do a backup.

First step: close kies! If you have kies (the program provided by samsung to sync files between your Galaxy S and your computer) installed, close it! And the background kies scan too! Or even better: you can just uninstall it because you won't need kies anymore from now on.

Now, go to your phone, go to settings > privacy. Do a factory reset. This will prevent any conflict between the new ROM and the old one.

Turn off your phone. Now, enter download mode: press volume down + home + power button untill this image appears:

Now open Odin3 as an adminstrator.

Extract the .zip file you downloaded with the gingerbread ROM.

Now, in Odin3, click on "PIT" and browse to the folder where you extracted the .zip you just downloaded, then select the PIT file.

Click on PDA, browse to the same folder and select the CODE file.

Click on PHONE, browse and select the MODEM file.

Click on CSC, browse again to the same place and select the CSC file.

You should have these fields filled like in the picture. (note that the version of the Rom in the picture is older, just make sure you have the same file extensions like shown below).

Now, connect your phone in download mode to the computer via usb cable. A yellow box should appear:

After you've done that click start and just wait untill the phone reboots and this shows in odin:

So, that's it, you installed the latest gingerbread (2.3.5 JVS) on your phone. Give it a few minutes untill it boots. The first boot will take like 5 minutes.

I advice you to install Semaphore Kernel for a better control of your phone, the microphone quality will improve, you'll be able to use color correction, headphones amplifier, and even overclock CPU to 1.2 ghz. I might do a little tutorial to show you how.

Hope you enjoyed, have fun with your new toy.

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