Sunday, January 5, 2014

[Minix] JumpinNix

JumpinNix is a platform game based on Sky Hop, a mini-game from Pou, an android app.

Besides being able to play the game itself, the game contains some extra features:
  • Options Menu - where you can specify how many floors are visible, what is the maximum number of platforms by floor and if you want to play the game using a Retro theme.
  • Highscores Menu - where you can see the top 10 scores

The game also has multiplayer mode, but it is not working as it should.. For now, you will not be able to play using this mode.

This game was programmed using C Language for Minix OS. It was developed for LCOM at FEUP.
For more details, you can follow the link below where you can find all the information in the



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