Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Learning Blender

Hello everyone!

Guess what I've been up to: learning how to use Blender.
I must confess I am loving it! When I get to see the final result, I get a pretty similar feeling to the one I get when I finish programming some cool feature on a project.

I haven't done anything of my own just yet. I'm still just watching some tutorials and repeating what I watch but tweaking some details. I'll leave some screenshots here of what I've done so far and the link to the video tutorial.

By the way, I find these tutorials GREAT. They are simple, concise and assertive making it easy for anyone to follow up. Congratulations to tutor4u for making such a nice playlist of tutorials.


Cloth napkin

Icy text

Realistic chain

Planet bursting into pieces

Wooden cup

Stuffed bear

Dissolve Animation

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