Friday, April 9, 2010

How to write a review

Hello everyone!

I was searching for a guide on how to write a review, I realised the guides posted on the web are too confusing, professional and sometimes hard to understand. So I decided to do my own "How to write a review" for everyone who needs help writing one (whether it is for fun, profit, or school work). Here we go:

"How to write a review"
  • Do not forget to give the title of the film/book of which you write the review.
  • Summarize the plot of the film/book. Remember to use the Present Simple!
  • No spoilers. This means that you should reveal only the basic plot of a novel or movie, without giving away the entire story.
  • Try to incorporate humour into your review.
  • Focus on evaluation and recommendation. If you include both positive and negative points, try to keep proper ballance between them.
  • If the movie contains well-known actors, as most do, detail who is starring in the movie and how well you think they acted.

And that's it! Hope this helped! :D
Thanks: Sandra Albuquerque.

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