Saturday, July 3, 2010

Digital Persona for Windows 7 - 64 bits

Many of us have had troubles trying to install correctly a fingerprint reader on a computer. I'll show you all how easy it is and it WILL work fine! Even with Firefox!

1) First UNINSTALL all software and DDK (validity drivers)....

Make sure you also go to Control Panel => Device Manager => Validity Sensor

UNINSTALL the sensor and check "delete the driver software for this device"

2) Then make sure you REBOOT

3) Download and Install Validity drivers from HP


4) REBOOT AGAIN ... it is important

5) Download Digital Persona ver 4.11.3805 from link below

6) RUN the Setup.exe

When it asks to install driver for finger print reader (the first dialog you get when you run the setup.exe)


Leave the installation window as it is...

7) Open windows explorer by pressing win+E

8) Go to

C:\Users\Username \AppData\Local\Temp\

click the column "Date Modified" to sort the last modified files first in the list

You will have a folder with {05B54AFA-28C6-4FED-A0E6-3F235641DA1D } <==== EXAMPLE only it will be different on your computer

Go in the folder and you will see some ini files with a file named "fingerprint reader drivers.prq"

open "fingerprint reader drivers.prq" in notepad.exe

Delete all the lines of text in the file "fingerprint reader drivers.prq" and save the empty file.

9) return to Digital Persona setup dialog mentioned in point 6

Now click INSTALL and let it install the software

It will open the same folder again and then continue install...

When it asks to REBOOT click YES

10) After REBOOT the finger print reader is working without a hitch.